TREDAIRE COLOURS RED Sponge Rubber Carpet Underlay
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TREDAIRE COLOURS RED Sponge Rubber Carpet Underlay

Tredaire Colours Red - the absolute top of the range, creme de la creme of rubber carpet underlays, this product is a chunky 11.4mm thick with a roll weight of 135lb (15m2) a tog rating of 1.65 and sound impact reduction rating of 46db. 

Colours Red underlay offers absolutely outstanding underfoot feel and will substantially prolong the life of virtually any carpet. It is for use in prestigious luxury areas where superb underfoot comfort is a requirement.  



Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Sponge Rubber
Nominal Thickness
Density N/A
Thermal Insulation
1.65 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
46 db est
Top Surface
Printed Textron
Bottom Surface
Coloured Dimpled
Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, bedrooms



OUR PRICE £ 6.99 square metre

clivesaysA superb underlay with true underfoot comfort, the absolute top-of-the range of all rubber underlays. You will not find this product in most carpet shops, as with their margins added, it would probably cost more than the carpet. !!!

We offer this range at just £6.99 per square metre and you can buy exactly as much as you need, so no expensive waste. Standard delivery is just £11.95 - that's cheaper than an online competitor who charges up to £65 - yes, up to £65 !!! for delivery.

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