SENSATION / CITRA by TREDAIRE Very High Density 11mm
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SENSATION / CITRA by TREDAIRE Very High Density 11mm

Tredaire Sensation / Tredaire Citra - Very High Density 11mm thick underlay with outstanding compression recovery properties and a high degree of comfort. Light and easy to handle, it cuts and fits with ease.

Excellent thermal insulation with a tog value of 2.89 - 2.90 and sound impact reduction value of 43db. A superb product to maintain carpet appearance.

These two products are virtually identical, other than that Sensation has a paper backing and Citra has a spunbonded polyester backing. With more buyers becoming aware of the potential for underfoot noise associated with paper backed underlays, since being launched Citra has become the more popular of the two and accordingly we are now stocking Citra in preference to Sensation.



Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Very High
Thermal Insulation

Sensation - 2.89 tog est

Citra 2.90 tog est

Impact Sound Reduction
43 db est
Top Surface

Sensation - Stitched Paper

Citra - Spunbonded Polyester

Bottom Surface
Coloured Film
Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, stairs, bedrooms

15 sq. metre roll £ 45.90

That's just £3.06 sq. mtr

Smaller quantities and additional square metres @ £ 3.69


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