Artificial Grass - Terrazia Greenwich

Artificial Grass - Terrazia Greenwich
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Artificial Grass from Terrazia

Terrazia Greenwich is a lifelike and realistic lawn replacement that is low maintenance and will last for years. 

Other manufacturers refer to their products simply as artificial grass - because that is how their products often appear, but we refer to Terrazia as simulated grass, as the striking similarity to the real thing is very apparent. Terrazia Simulated Grass is suitable outdoors for gardens, patios, terraces, roof gardens, play areas, also indoors for those projects where you want to bring the feel of the great outdoors.

Terrazia Simulated Grass comes in widths of 4 metres and 2 metres cut to almost any length (up to around 25 metres) is easy to lay and is a real time saver. So lifelike, just remember to keep the old mower under lock and key!

Greenwich is the very top of the Terrazia range with an absolutely luxurious plush depth of around 40mm and is available for fast delivery in just a matter of days.

To order online you will need to calculate the number of square metres required. To do this simply multiply the length required (up to 25 metres) by the width required (either 2 or 4 metres) then round up to the nearest whole number. That is the number (of square metres) to enter in to the quantity box.

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Terrazia Greenwich

£16.49 sq. mtr ex-VAT


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