DREAMWALK by TREDAIRE 11mm Carpet Underlay

DREAMWALK by TREDAIRE 11mm Carpet Underlay
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Tredaire Dreamwalk 11mm thick carpet underlay with Textron stitch-bonded paper backing, giving excellent compression recovery properties and a high degree of comfort. Light and easy to handle, it cuts and fits with ease.

Perfect quality, exactly as you would find in the shops and stores, only the price is different (also previously sold under the name Royale by a well known retailer)

Excellent thermal insulation with a tog value of 3.13 and sound impact reduction value of 44db. An excellent product to maintain carpet appearance.  

clivesaysAs an alternative we also offer Regal 12mm by the same manufacturer (Interfloor). Regal has a softer and more pliable backing, is thicker than Dreamwalk, has a higher impact sound reduction value, is double backed and has a luxury use rating. To view Regal 12mm click here 


Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Relative Density Standard
Thermal Insulation

3.13 tog est

Impact Sound Reduction

44 db est

Top Surface

Printed Textron

Bottom Surface

Coloured Film

Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, bedrooms

15 sq. metre roll (was £38.85) Now £ 36.90

That's just £2.46 sq. mtr

Smaller quantities and additional square metres @ £ 2.89

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SAVE EVEN MORE ......... We also of offer Graded Quality Dreamwalk, Royal, Sapphire & Charm, etc.,  at £27.99 for a full 15 square metre roll, that's under £2.00 square metre.  CLICK HERE