Foam Carpet Underlay 'DEAL OF THE DAY'

Foam Carpet Underlay 'DEAL OF THE DAY'
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Here at underlay express we stock a large number of foam carpet underlays varying in thickness up to 12mm , including products from Tredaire, Cloud 9, Heavenly, CosyLuxe, Silenzia - and more. If it is important to you as to exactly which brand or product you purchase, these underlays are all listed elsewhere on this site.

If, however, you simply want a great underlay deal and don’t mind which brand, then this stock levelling offer could be for you and at a very low price. There are three price levels depending on the thickness required, grouped together as 8-9mm, 10-11mm and 12mm which can all be selected from the drop down menu.

Simply place your order for 'DEAL OF THE DAY' foam underlay, then leave the rest to us. Please note that with this deal, you can not specify which brand of underlay will be sent, that will be at our discretion and according to the daily stock levels of various products, that is why the price is so low. If ordering more than one roll, we will send all rolls of matching type.

1,000s of delighted customers have already taken advantage of this deal, we invite you to join them.


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DEAL OF THE DAY 10 - 11mm - Just £31.99 per 15 sq. mtr roll

that's under £2.14 sq. mtr


DEAL OF THE DAY 12mm - Just £34.99 per 15 sq. mtr roll

that's under £2.34 sq. mtr


DEAL OF THE DAY 8 - 9mm - Just £28.99 per 15 sq. mtr roll

that's under £1.94 sq. mtr



Also available in half rolls to avoid wastage, select your roll size from the drop down box below.

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carpet underlay delivered next day lowest prices


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 * As with all underlay products on this site and elsewhere, thicknesses stated are nominal and have a manufacturing tolerance of +/-10% due to methods of manufacture.


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