Quiet-Tred COSYLUXE 12mm Carpet Underlay
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Quiet-Tred COSYLUXE 12mm Carpet Underlay

"We're not one of the big noises in carpet underlay".......... Some PU foam underlays have a paper backing, which can cause friction noise between the underlay and the carpet backing and in the more extreme circumstances this has been likened to 'walking on crisp packets'. Quiet-Tred COSYLUXE 12mm is manufactured with a softer, quieter and more pliable backing which substantially reduces underfoot noise.
"Environmentally friendly.......... Quiet Tred  COSYLUXE 12mm  carpet underlay is manufactured using surplus foam from the furnishing industry, which would otherwise find it's way to landfill sites. It is made in the UK and, unlike some other underlays, has not travelled thousands of miles before reaching your floor.

Quiet Tred  COSYLUXE 12mm  offers outstanding underfoot comfort, it is light and easy to handle, it cuts and fits with ease and has good thermal and acoustic properties. 

Quiet Tred  COSYLUXE 12mm  is available in rolls of 15 square metres and costs no more than an ordinary leading brand PU foam underlay. 

Please note that due to production methods and facilities, this underlay may vary in colour from that shown.




Quick Reference Guide:-

Underlay Type
Nominal Thickness
Density Medium
Thermal Insulation
2.90 tog est
Impact Sound Reduction
39 db est
Top Surface
Non Woven Fleece
Bottom Surface
Coloured Film
Comfort Rating
Suitability Living areas, bedrooms

15 sq. metre roll £38.85  £35.85

That's just £2.59 £2.39 sq. mtr

Smaller quantities and additional square metres @ £ 2.99


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